Hump Day is Back!

Wednesday 18th April 2018 is Hump Day! Hump Day is a fun and positive event focusing on sexual health during NSW Youth Week.

Services that work directly with young people are encouraged to have fun with condoms on Hump Day! Host a sexual health event, run activities, play games and positively engage young people around sexual health. Check out the "Working with Young People around Sexual Health" resource kit. It includes a range of ready to play activities and other tools to support organisations and workers.

Contact your local sexual health representative for resources, support and ideas for how to host a Hump Day event.


The NEW Speed Hump Kit is here!

The NEW Speed Humps Mk2 kits are available and you can order yours now!

It’s a brand new selection of 5 fun and physical activities designed to promote condoms and get young people talking key sexual health messages from the Play Safe website! The activities are taken directly from the "Working with Young People around Sexual Health" resource kit.

Teams of young people move through the games in a circuit, completing each activity accurately and quickly. The team to complete the circuit in the fastest time WINS!

Want help running sexual health activities for Youth Week?

Get in touch with the Youth Week sexual health representative for your Local Health District

Sydney LHD Thomas Munro
South Eastern Sydney LHD Sarah Smith
Northern Sydney LHD Rachel Bienenstock
South Western Sydney LHD Lidya McGowan
Western Sydney LHD David Worsley
Nepean Blue Mountains LHD Bronwyn Leece
Western NSW LHD Tina Cooper
Far West LHD Jo Lenton
Southern NSW LHD Kevin Schamburg
Murrumbidgee LHD Kevin Schamburg
Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD Scott Lockhart
Mid North Coast LHD Larissa Smyth
Northern NSW LHD Larissa Smyth
Hunter New England LHD Kage Gold
Central Coast LHD Jason van Ritten